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2019 Corolla Hatchback Launch

When Toyota folded Scion vehicles into their lineup, there was a newer, younger audience that emerged among a brand that was once associated with quality, safety and reliability. Understanding the nuances of how to authentically speak to this consumer was key in the success of our campaign. The solve was to strategically focus on more lifestyle imagery instead of product, which was an evolution from the standard content on the site. Based on our research, when consumers are shopping and are at the point of exploring and refining their options, storytelling plays an important role in them seeing themselves in the vehicle. This successful tactic has since been applied across the entire lineup, bringing a much needed fresh take to Toyota’s traditionally sterile digital content. 

2018 C-HR Launch

Toyota set out to target a younger, edgier audience with their first ever C-HR. Originally, we were tasked to shoot two separate, standard interviews and a set of typical feature highlight videos to be posted to for the launch of the vehicle. However, Toyota requested that content potentially be used across web, events, and social which was unusual.

The key to successfully accomplishing the complex ask was finding an efficient way to utilize our budget across the two disparate projects while producing content worthy of the all new C-HR. The solution was combining them into one modular shoot, allowing us to get more for our money while maintaining flexibility in post to properly edit each cut as needed to fit the context where each piece of content would live. The result was a set of visually stimulating and elevated content unique to the spirit of vehicle and it's target audience. 

An anthemic video to be used at auto shows and events when audio is a challenge, but visuals are key.
Full Video

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Behind the scenes content for those who want to dig in and get a sense of heritage and exclusivity.
Ian's Interview
Koba's Interview

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Feature highlight videos providing quick bites of educational content.
Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
Available Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Full Speed Range Dynamic Cruise Control

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